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Together in the Trenches is a gospel-driven non-profit ministry founded on Jesus and seeking to breathe life into weary foster and adoptive moms (above is our founding leadership team). This place is for women who are in the trenches, living life and raising kids who come from hard places. It's not always easy and it can be isolating at times. We have an idea though...

Let's lock arms and walk together in the trenches.

We don't have to live alone. We don't have to fear judgment. Instead, we can breathe life into each other. We can encourage each other to continue, step by step, on this adventure. We need to know that God has not left us and despite the difficult problems we face, we are not alone. God never leaves us, even in the midst of the darkest days of our journey. Not only that, but God has given us each other to live in community and build each other up.

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Our Projects

Video Encouragement

You can find us under the username TrenchesRetreat on the Periscope app from a mobile device. We broadcast live video encouragement at 9 pm ET each Wednesday and frequently throughout the week as well. You can also watch our replays here.

Saturday Boost Newsletter

Each Saturday morning at 5 am ET we send out written encouragement straight to your inbox. This newsletter is meant to give you a much-needed boost of encouragement to help you get through the weekend. You can learn more and subscribe to the newsletter here.

Annual Overnight Retreat

This is what started our whole ministry and what our heart beats for most strongly, wanting to creating a retreat experience made especially for foster and adoptive moms. Scroll down to read more about our annual overnight retreat. Please note that registration has closed for the 2016 retreat. (Below is from our first retreat in May 2015.)

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